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 Indian serigraph by Dale Faulstich.  Copyright 2003 Chief Seattle Arts.


Research Laboratory for Scientific Data Acquisition, Transportation and Storage
School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University


Gathering scientific data in the field can be labour-intensive and expensive. SDATS aims to reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of scientific data-gathering through application of network-based sensing and computing.

Our purpose is to enhance the ability of scientists to:

  1. gather data from their subjects at any location;
  2. move data rapidly and securely to permanent storage; and
  3. retrieve data efficiently from storage.

The SDATS research group aims to develop innovative, real-world automated data gathering systems for scientists who require data collection in remote, hazardous or challenging environments.

If you have a natural science research project with data-collection challenges please contact Richard Vaughan or Greg Mori.

SDATS Researchers

Current Collaborators


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